Responding to COVID-19

For guidance on systematic screening in the COVID-19 era, please visit our new resources on the Systematic Screening tab.

At this time of uncertainty, with many schools closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Ci3T Strategic Leadership Team and Ci3T Research Team are developing materials to support educators and families as we transition to a world of online and continuous learning. Our goal is to provide resources to assist you in using your Ci3T structures to facilitate positive, productive environments for students, families, educators, and administrators during the COVID-19 crisis. In the accordions below we will be uploading a series of brief practice guides that we hope you will find useful. Feel free to share these materials with fellow educators and families. We are sending positive thoughts to all our partners, colleagues, and the students you so tirelessly support.

With respect,
The Ci3T Strategic Leadership Team & Ci3T Research Team

Teleteaching Tips for Educators: Designing for Success!
Teleteaching Tips for Educators: Implementing with Success!
Ci3T Blueprint A Primary (Tier 1) Plan Template for 2020-2021 Academic Year
Ci3T Integrated Lesson Plan Template
Tips for Providing Reinforcement in Virtual Settings: Infographic | Voicethread
Example virtual background matrix in actionZoom expectation matrix background templates (export to .png): Option 1 | Option 2

Ci3T Exemplars for Hybrid (In-person and Remote) Learning Experiences (2020-2021)
Ci3T Implementation Manual: Elementary School Exemplar
Ci3T Implementation Manual: Middle School Exemplar
Ci3T Implementation Manual: High School Exemplar

Low-Intensity Strategies For Virtual Learning Environments
Virtual behavior-specific praise:Implementation checklistInfographicVideo
Virtual instructional choice:Implementation checklistInfographicVideo
Virtual precorrection:Implementation checklistInfographicVideo
Virtual active supervision:Implementation checklistInfographicVideo
Virtual instructional feedback:Implementation checklistInfographicVideo
Virtual opportunities to respond:Implementation checklistInfographicVideo
Digital Reinforcement Tracker Templates and Tutorials
Google Drive Templates: Teacher Reinforcement Tracker | Student Reinforcement Tracker
Tutorial for Setting Up a Digital Reinforcement Structure: Step-by-Step Guide | Video Tutorial
Brief Demonstration Video (see "slide" 3)

Resources to Support Teaching and Reinforcing of COVID-19 Safety Procedures
Practice Brief | Infographic| PowerPoint Slides
Ci3T Specific Setting Expectation Poster Template (24x36 inch version)
Ci3T Specific Setting Expectation Poster Template (8.5x11 inch version)
Function-based Reinforcer Menu Template
house Setting up for Success at Home
house Setting up for Success at Home Resource Graphic Organizer
shield Home Resource 1 - Plan for Safety First: Set Routines
clock icon Home Resource 2 - Schedule for Success
calendar Home Resource 2.1 - Schedule Template (editable)
icon of three people Home Resource 3 - Set and Teach Expectations
matrix Home Resource 3.1 - Expectation Matrix Template (editable) 
speech icon Home Resource 4.1 - Behavior-Specific Praise Checklist | Infographic | Video
clipboard Home Resource 4.2 - Choice Checklist | Infographic
pencil Home Resource 4.3 - Precorrection Checklist | Infographic
eye Home Resource 4.4 - Active Supervision Checklist | Infographic | Video
heart Home Resource 5 - Emotional Well-being
house Preparándose para el éxito en casa
house Preparándose para el éxito en casa - Recurso Graphic Organizer
shield Casa recurso 1 - Fije rutinas
clock icon Casa recurso 2 - Horarios para el éxito
calendar Casa recurso 2.1 - Fije horarios (editable)
icon of three people Casa recurso 3 - Fije y enseñe las expectativas
matrix Casa recurso 3.1 - Matriz de expectativas (editable)
speech icon Casa recurso 4.1 - Elogio de comportamientos específicos Guía paso a paso | Infografía
clipboard Casa recurso 4.2 - Elección Guía paso a paso | Infografía
pencil Casa recurso 4.3 - Precorrección Guía paso a paso | Infografía
eye Casa recurso 4.4 - Supervisión activa Guía paso a paso | Infografía
heart Casa recurso 5 - Bienestar Emocional