Ci3T In Action

Ci3T logo made from found objects shaped liked the letters

Below are examples of Ci3T being implemented in elementary, middle, and high schools.


Ci3T at the Elementary Level

CI3T Team Leadership and Professional Learning TRANSCRIPT Ci3T Deescalating Challenging Behavior TRANSCRIPT Ci3T Data Informed Decision Making TRANSCRIPT Ci3T Principal Interviews TRANSCRIPT

Ci3T at the Middle School Level

Ci3T Connect With Kids TRANSCRIPT Ci3T Kickoff Middle School TRANSCRIPT Ci3T Rollout at the Middle School Level TRANSCRIPT Ci3T School-Wide Reinforcers at the Middle School Level TRANSCRIPT Ci3T Middle School Social Skills Curriculum TRANSCRIPT

Ci3T at the High School Level

Ci3T at High School TRANSCRIPT

Ci3T Reinforcement and the Value of Behavior-Specific Praise TRANSCRIPT Ci3T School-Wide and Classroom Reinforcers TRANSCRIPT Ci3T Using Tickets at the High School Leve TRANSCRIPT Ci3T at High School Getting Started TRANSCRIPT Ci3T Screening at High School TRANSCRIPT Ci3T Rollout at the High School Level TRANSCRIPT

Ci3T High School Student Perspective TRANSCRIPT


Stakeholder Feedback

Middle School

“Just a positive note to share: This is my 8th year in administration and this has by far been my smoothest start to the school year. We are in our 5th day of school with *zero* discipline referrals so far-in both middle and high school administration, this has never happened! We still have work to go, but I believe it’s the Ci3T work that has gotten us off to such a great start. Thank you!
“In fact, we are now eight days into the school year with no Majors (no students sent to the office). In a report pulled Friday, of the 580 students we have in grades 6-8, there are only six minors recorded. Quite a positive start to our year!
“We are now four weeks into the school year and we have not had a single in-school suspension!”
-Jennifer Bessolo, Ed.D., middle school principal


Ci3T Staff Recognition Postcard

Faculty and staff recognition postcard: MS-Word Doc or PDF