A new resource to support installation of the SRSS-IE

We are happy to introduce a new resource for district or school leaders interested in installing the Student Risk Screening Scale – Internalizing and Externalizing (SRSS-IE). This free resource, entitled Screening Coordinator Training Manual: A Guide for Installing the SRSS-IE in your School or District, is available via a free download on the systematic screening Read More …

We want to learn from you!

Are you conducting systematic behavior screenings at your school or district? We are looking for educators to share their experiences and lessons learned from implementing systematic behavior screenings. View the flyer!Complete the interest form!

Ci3T Padlet

See an example of how one school used Padlet to facilitate faculty and staff Ci3T discussion and exploration of the new year’s updated Ci3T Implementation Manual!

Systematic Screening: Considerations and Commitment to Continued Inquiry

We are fielding questions coming from across the United States about systematic screenings designed to detect students with initial signs of internalizing (e.g., extremely shy, anxious, and/or social withdrawn) and externalizing (e.g., noncompliant, aggressive, and/or defiant) behavior patterns. These data are used to plan positive instructional experiences, moving away from previous wait-to-fail approaches. We have Read More …