Implementing Your Ci3T Model

Ci3T implementation professional learning series timeline graphic

2022-2023 Implementation

2023-2024 Implementation

Email Mark Buckman ( if you need access to Ci3T Treatment Integrity Team Leader training materials.

Primary Intervention Rating Scale: Implementation 2017-2018PDF to print
Ci3T Treatment Integrity: Teacher Self-Report PDF to print
Ci3T Implementation Report Template Word doc to fill in with aggregated data
Ci3T Treatment Integrity & Social Validity Report Presentation PowerPoint for Information Sharing
SRSS-IE Screening Report Template PowerPoint for Information Sharing
SRSS-EC Screening Report Template PowerPoint for Information Sharing
Ci3T Data Sharing Calendar Planning form (add to Ci3T Implementation Manual Appendix)
Ci3T Implementation Manual Review A guide to updating your Ci3T Implementation Manual
School Improvement Goals Ci3T Action Plan
Ci3T Leadership Team Meeting Planning

Ci3T Coaching Videos

Ci3T Coaching Training Sessions Videos

Ci3T Coaching Implementation Sessions Videos